Mad Science & Crayola Wild World Camp

Mad Science & Crayola Wild World Camp

Mad Science & Crayola are back for another summer of fun!  Join us for a free series every Saturday from July 13th through August 31st from 11 AM – 12 Noon in the Restaurant District, Level 2 by Macy’s.

The Mad Science & Crayola Wild World Camp will take children on a wild life expedition to explore the wonder and beauty of the animal kingdom that will inspire empathy, curiosity and creativity as they learn about lions, elephants, sharks and more, and how wildlife conservationists are working to protect species around the globe. 

Join us for a complimentary Mad Science-themed show each week at 11 am.  

VIP ticket holders will enjoy an after-show Make & Take art project with Crayola products to create animal-inspired art from frog paintings to polar bear sculptures. 

$10 VIP Package includes:

  • 1 Make & Take art project

  • 1 Complimentary AMC Theatres children ticket

  • 1 LEGO toy

  • Exclusive retailer offers

  • 100% of proceeds will benefit The Paramus Children’s Health Foundation

Dates & Program Descriptions Below:

July 13th – The Greatest Creatures on Earth Show by Mad Science – Elephant Creations By Imagine Arts Academy

  • Lets get inspired by elephants, the largest land mammals on EArth! WE will learn techniques to paint a sunset background, and layer on dark silhouettes of elephants and trees. 

July 20th – Radical Rainforest Show by Mad Science – Frogs Creation by Imagine Arts Academy

  • Frogs come in many colors and patterns. Some are bold and some are camouflaged. Let’s find out more about these amphibians, and use a special technique to paint speckled, watercolor frogs.

July 27th – Electrifying Creatures Show by Mad Science – Jellyfish

  • Jellyfish dance and drift through the water, and are found in every ocean on Earth! But what exactly are they? Let’s dive in and learn about these mysterious creatures of the deep. We’ll create colorful, mixed media hanging jellyfishes using a special ink diffusion technique.

August 3rd – Spectacular Safari Show by Mad Science – Lions

  • Lions are majestic animals, and fearsome predators. It’s no wonder a group of them is called a “pride”! Let’s learn how to create our own lion sculptures, and design savannah habitat dioramas for them to live in.

August 10th – Incredible Ice Show by Mad Science – Polar Bears by Imagine Arts Academy

  • Polar bears are amazing animals that face many threats to their survival. Let’s imagine what life is like for them in the Artic. We’ll sculpt our polar bears on an ice floe using clay. Then we’ll mix paints and mixing mediums to create the effects of fur and ice.

August 17th – Life in the Sea Show by Mad Science – Sharks and Fishes

  • The streamlined shapes of sharks and fishes are perfect for living in the water. We can use simple shapes to draw sharks and fishes in a coral reef. Then we will add watercolor paint to create a colorful scene under the sea.

August 24th – Harnessing Heat Show by Mad Science – Snakes

  • Snakes are fascinating and often misunderstood reptiles. Their skin has a unique texture, and they come in a wide range of patterns and colors. Let’s design our own three-dimensional, patterned snakes to take home. 

August 30th – Terrific Terrestrials Show by Mad Science – Turtles and Tortoises

  • From sleek sea turtles to sturdy, land-based tortoises, turtles come in many shapes and sizes, and can be found in many different habitats. We’ll start by sculpting a coil to make the shell, and we’ll add extra pieces and colors to make our own turtle sculptures.